Monday, September 12, 2016

Long Black

The cowboy sauntered into the coffee joint, sporting an Aussie accent. He wore his hat askew, his shirt sleeves high on his elbows.

"A long black please?"

The teen girl behind the counter had dance in her movements, the bounce of her flaxen hair. She giggled on hearing the request, and seeing the man in black leaning against the counter, his smile crooked. She held up a mug high next to her chin so the cowboy could see it.

"Like this? Coffee inside?"

She giggled again. The cowboy's face turned red. He nodded quickly, shifting his weight and turning around to check out the room while the girl filled the mug with coffee.

A woman stood behind him and watched the exchange, her eyes curious. She smiled at him.

"Guess I'm making a fool of myself here." He bowed forward slightly and touched his hat again.

The woman chuckled. She took a little bow herself and said, "no more than any other long blackers out here." She swept a finger across the room and gave him a wink.

The cowboy grew more red. He swept his chin with his palm. "Sorry to have offended you like that."

"No. I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. You didn't say anything wrong... but it sounded funny."

"You must think I'm a circuit freak." He took the coffee from the counter and tossed a few notes to the still giggling girl. She flipped strands of her long locks before clinking open the register and putting away the money. As the cowboy turned around, she waved a milky white hand toward him and said, "By-e... come back again soon, for long blacks...and more."

The cowboy bowed his head and walked out with two red ears, hunched shoulders and a bounce in his steps.

The woman stepped up to the counter and pointed to his departing silhouette and said, "I will have what he is having."


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