Friday, February 26, 2016

Pink Valentines

This morning I got a terrible headache so I put down the work I was supposed to do and opened Facebook. I have seven hundred friends. The way their lives' updates flashed by as I slid two fingers across the track pad gave me vertigo but I ignored it. The mechanics of discomfort aside, doing something I wasn't supposed to do soothed my nerves. The morning flew by quickly this way.

For lunch I had tuna fish and rice, parts of it got so dry I started to choke so I made myself a little juice, mixing a splash of brandy with some water and ice. My wheel chair didn't feel so hot after that or I'd gotten used to it by then. The wheels squeaked when I rolled around too much so I tried to relax after lunch by going back to facebook, lying down on the sofa holding my i-pad high above my face and scrolling around with the soft part of my fingers. I must have dozed off for a second this way. When I woke up I forgot where I was and that my legs didn't move anymore so I took a lot of deep breath when I finally remembered and took my time getting back up.

In the afternoon I went out to the market around the corner because the house got stuffy with heat and the neighbor's loud TV got really annoying. They had these cute valentines candy boxes shaped like those to-go cartons they used at the Panda Kitchen, except they were painted with glitters, red and pink hearts, with a red ribbon strung across the top. I bought ten.

When I got home I pulled out that large bag of candy left over from Halloween and put some in each box, topped with a small card shaped like a heart. I cut those out of left over card stock I saved from the last time I made Christmas cards myself, which was years ago--before I had the accident. Back then my friends liked to invite me to things like card making parties. There were so many I feigned disinterest unless it was hosted by my very bestest friends or the most popular girls.

I knocked my neighbor's doors and introduced myself to each of them and gave them my box of valentines. They were glad to see me and several even invited me to come inside. I told them maybe later. For now I had some work to do then I said goodbye. It was getting dark and I hadn't gotten used to wheeling around in the narrow neighborhood roads yet.

The house was dark and cold when I got back. I had taken all that was pink and red and sweet and sent them out, forgetting to save some for myself. I laid down on the sofa again, hoping to fall asleep soon, knowing I wouldn't.

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  1. I am so sorry that you had to spend that day alone. I do understand you, since I was alone at the New Year's Eve. That was awful. Thanks God, I have a cat.




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