Friday, March 7, 2014

Brave New Day

It takes bravado or stupidity or both to pour your thoughts out to the Internet here on blogsphere.  Tenacity is also a key ingredient.  There aren't many things that last in this life, as a pastor once said in a new year's sermon, "2014 will be but a blink in our eye when we look back, poof and it will be gone", using the soap bubble as an illustration. 

True.  As I look around today, several more of my favorite blogs have all but stopped or disappeared from my blogroll. What happened, I ask myself.  Perhaps life takes over, but perhaps blog is a transient phase in some of our lives.  It serves a role when words spring forth and need to be heard, in a way that warrants writing down, so it may be read and re-read and perhaps even remain beyond the span of that bubble bursting.

But I'd like to think they were so good they've moved on to publishing for a living.  Yes, if I were the painter of this story, that's how I'd place them.  I know this because some has left their words behind, and I am so glad to see it.  These are quality words, ones read in a year or more and they still ring true, still resonate, still take your breath away. 

That's when you say, perhaps we are more than but a bubble bursting through this universe, perhaps we can leave a mark somehow, sometimes, that brings about colors and life through many suns and moons and bubbles bursting and beyond.


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