Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blood Moon

There was a blood moon tonight. 

It crawled over the hills just as I was driving by, and surprised me with a gorgeous round face.  The orange red color reminded me of a lingering sunset, not so many moons ago.  Silvery light splashed onto the highway, wrapping me in a robe of sparkling splendors. 

The ocean to the west lay restless, turning itself over in darkness and sandy irritation.   It is the fall of 2014.  We have the Ebola virus in Africa,  the war in middle east and Russia, and an economic crisis spreading through Europe.  Here at home,  jobs seem to be growing scarce, air growing warmer, and prices simply growing.

Yet I'm grateful.  For the moon, the ocean, the highway and where it leads me -- home.  Light came on as I pulled into the garage, not nearly as pretty as the moon lit outside, but welcoming all the same.  More so when the door to the house opened, and he stepped out, smiling and ready to share my load.

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