Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear You

(A post via Melee.)
Dear You,

You kissed me behind the bushes after the dance.  You made me blush when you whispered words into my ear that no one could hear.  The music was blasting through the windows, so I hoped you couldn't see that I shook with the leaves as if taken up by the rhythm of the night.

I didn't care when you started another song with another girl. After all, only a short while ago I was her, swept into your long arms and carried away by your swift steps.  When your eyes shone on me, the dingy low ceiling and the dim yellow lights hanging just above us disappeared.  Smoke shrouded sweaty bodies turned into angelic shadows, and a stary robe of midnight blue fell over us we twirled.  I thought it would last forever, though forever turned out sooner. 

Why did you call me?  Why did you write?  Why will you not let me forget?   I can't tell.  But when I blinked that night from the stars that fell onto my face, turned into water and tears, I woke up.  

So let me be.  I had a nice dream, and that is where you will stay.  

Now to pass it on - to anyone who is interested, I ask you to write a letter to whoever about whatever. It must begin with "Dear you" and you can only use pronouns. 

Thank you Melee for tagging me with this post, I thought you did a fantastic job with your letter. I've definitely enjoyed reading your stories and thoughts, I hope a few others who visits here would too.


  1. That's a beautiful letter, Shopgirl. I've had a dance or two like that in my time. Nicely done.

    I might do this, too. Sounds like something I'd do anyway, so it will probably just flow out of me.

  2. This is a really cool writing exercise. The ending is not what I expected.

  3. I hope you write romance-- you are good!

  4. Beautiful, romantic, wistful...loved it

  5. Awww, thank you! :) And you did a marvelous job with yours! Wow! I simply loved that twist at the end.

  6. Beautiful letter, I loved it. I'm wondering who you wrote it to and I'm eager to know more details. But I guess some things are meant to be a (sweet) secret.

  7. I love this letter. Beautifully written.

    How strange, it reminded me of my first dance and first kiss. Haven't thought about that in 20 years. Yeah, he never called.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Well written, I enjoyed this post very much.

  10. Nari - It is wonderful to hear back from you. It warmed my heart to see your name pop up on the comment listing. Thank you so much for stopping by.

    All - thanks for your kind comments and I agree, it was fun to do this little post. It definitely helped me getting back to the swing of writing things.




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