Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dream Catcher

The boy just got home, and he sleeps.  It is early in the morning, so the sound of my neighbor Michael sweeping his patio comes across the walkway, but not much else.  The house hums in the tune of an ancient clunker refrigerator, interspersed by occasional crunches of bunny nibbling on grass.  Later I hear the soft clicking of her teeth, a sign of utter contentment. 

Traffic, like a gushing river infused by snow, plays out in the background. I have to concentrate to hear it though. Birds tweet here and there, but mostly they fuss over other agendas.  I don't hear the soothing tides of ocean rush onto the beach and retreat with piles of sand on their toes, not from here, a bit too far and removed.  But I hear the leaves whisper, and wind chimes clink. There are no ruckus in this hour except those going on in my head, the battle against stillness, the inability to rest, mingled with whirlpools of doubts.

No matter the time of his return, he sleeps for hours or days before life can begin again.  I've outgrown my angst, pleads and tacit maneuvers to speed up the process.  It's small wonders I don't pull on my cucumber seedlings to promote their growth, seeing as how I manage life. 

When stillness reigns, as it does now, my mind races in chariots of imaginations.  Usually victory eludes me, and eventually I learn to invite peace and relish in rest.  I make a pot of coffee and retrieve the golden biscuits a friend made for me.  I take out a pen, turn to an unspoiled new page in my notebook, and begin scribbling. All is quiet and soft about me, buttery cookies melting in my mouth, sweet and tangy as life itself.

Perhaps blessings seldom live far away, but I want to look beyond the oceans that I can't hear or see, run after those elusive challenges, wander into the unknown horizon.    Weariness always brings me back, from bubbles of dreams bursting and imaginary ghosts fading, so I can finally see the fruit of contentment sitting at my doorsteps waiting. 

I know now as ever, that tomorrow I will forget and allow the call of the chase to stir me all over again.  But I linger in a moment of now, teeth clicking.


  1. You and bunny both content with the moment, teeth clicking. Good post!

  2. Thanks - yeah for a moment or two at least!

  3. Beautiful post. My favourite line: "I don't hear the soothing tides of ocean rush onto the beach and retreat with piles of sand on their toes, not from here, a bit too far and removed." It seems sad and I loved it.

  4. Thank you Starlight. It's one of those lines I can't even explain myself but refused to go away until I put it down on paper. :)

  5. I loved this. Soft and soothing and just what I needed to read after a challenging day. I'm glad you found some contentment with this.

  6. This is simply beautiful.
    I wish I was that good with words.

  7. Oh I enjoyed this very much! As I read my own imagination kicked in and I sank into a warm snuggly place in my head.

  8. You write so beautifully, but I have to read slowly to fully appreciate the images. The writing is poetic.
    Just a small question: Do you plan to connect many posts into a novel, or you just post them individually?

  9. light208 - I'm glad to hear that.

    MDIAS - Brevity is a gift and you have it.

    Silly - That was how I felt, a happy moment.

    Giora - I'm not sure yet. Can I ask why do you ask?

  10. What a nice suprise!

    Beautiful piece of writing. I enjoyed it. You are gifted with a certain style. It's also poetic enough to even cut it again and condense into just poetry by choosing random words and threading it again. But really, its perfect just as it is...

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my poetry. I appreciate it!

  11. I ask because you write beautifully. It's like poetry but in a fiction form. Just one example .."Birds tweet and there, but mostly they fuss over other agenda." If you write in a blog form only as very short stories, the audience reading it is limited. But if you can connect some of the short stories into a novel, then you are likely to have it published and have more readers to enjoy it. Maybe it's just the practical side in me.

  12. Ah, I really liked this one; you really pulled me into your world and your thoughts.

    And that's a great new picture of you, too.

  13. Beautiful.

    I love the 5th paragraph...

    "Perhaps blessings seldom live far away..."

  14. Jacqueline - Always glad to hear suggestions. Thanks for those wonderful encouragements.

    Doria - Thanks, and so are you.

    Giora - Good points. I may some day, though the whole "publishing" biz scares me.

    Hillary - Thank you for noticing, it was the one day this year that I had good hair.

    Loree - I'm so glad you liked it. I had to rewrite that part a few times (rare for me).

  15. Ahh, such a beautful sense of well-being you weave! And I LOVE your new avatar pic, how pretty you are.

  16. You are at your strongest, with these kind of crisp, tightly-packed phrases:

    There are no ruckus in this hour except those going on in my head...

    And, course the climactic remark:

    But I linger in a moment of now, teeth clicking.

    Your digressions and lengthier turns of poetic description can be great, too, but your writing really pops when your inner depths are less encumbered by external trappings.

    But, of course, contrast is an important element of why those short, tight bits work so well, so you do not a whole presentation.

  17. We can certainly locate blessings around us if we want to. The willingness is a large part of life.

  18. There's nothing to be afraid about the publishing business. Sure, you will get many rejections, but you are already a few steps ahead of many aspiring authors. Your writing is much better than most, better than mine also.
    When you have time, you can go over your posts and see if you create a story line which will include many of the posts. Or you can just combine 2-3 posts into a short story and submit to a literary magazine. There are many of those, and some will accept it and that will give you good credentials. We met on Rachelle Gardner's blog. She seems to be nice. Send her 2-3 post from your blog and ask for her advice. Your writing style is sure to catch the attention of some literary agents. Best wishes from the North.

  19. Those feelings of contentment... nice. Always rejuvenating to the soul.

  20. Nevets - again a great feedback. I like writing the short sentences, but it is a relative new thing so I'm working it in. :)

    John - That's a great point. I can't really think of anything to add to it.

    Giora - All great advice and much appreciated. I will definitely keep them in mind once I can sit down and write something a bit more substantial. Yes she seems great but also busy. :)

    I have to do more research but I've seen mostly fiction/historical writers as her client.

    Reflections - So glad to hear that. It's work though for me to remember. :) Thanks for stopping by after one stop and come again soon please.

  21. Wonderfully written! I felt as though I was right there in your environment, hearing what you were hearing.
    I've noticed that my wanderlust has diminished with my age. I am more content to be home than anywhere else.

  22. Love your new profile pic! And yes, lingering in the now is the best place to stay.

  23. it is nice to find tha tplace of contentment...the line on the tides of the ocean is really beautiful...

  24. Rachelle Gardner started as an agent for Christian fiction and non fiction, and then expanded to women's fiction. The market for Christian romance novels is strong. So, if you have a fiction novel with a Christian flavor, Rachelle will take a look at it. And yes, she's very busy, esepcially with her new blog making more authors know about her.

  25. "..my mind races in chariots of imaginations..." yet it always seems calm and peaceful!

    So many blessing you have. And blessed with talent, you are.

    I love the new photo, too! :)

  26. "Perhaps blessings seldom live far away,"


  27. Great writing! You're very talented. I feel so at peace after reading this. I love that you also pick up a pen and notebook when you get some time to yourself. Thank you for linking up to my Sunday Funday linkup!




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