Friday, June 3, 2011


The flash came seconds before the loud boom of thunder. Sam woke to a roller coaster ride accompanied by the sound of a storm outside.  He could feel the wind, no something stronger knock on his pelican.  Suddenly, they dove together into the waves.

Sam couldn't believe it.  The trap around him remained closed, dark yet warm. But he felt the force of the waves churning him.  So he rode from peaks to swirls, dizzy, disoriented yet excited to have come back to sea.

Did he hear the pelican yelp in pain?  He must have.  That would explaine the fall.

Oh, perhaps his carrier got hurt.  He crawled around in his pouch, looking for an opening.  How unlike a clam to try to get out of a comfy spot like this!  But he didn't have time to think, a new instinct took over and urged him to move, pry, or cut a way out of here if he had to. He thought about whether  great grams had to fight this hard when she made that fantastic pearl inside her own body all those years ago.  Her sacrifice made the family shine so bright the day they discovered this magnificent treasure in her.   Perhaps she had found her purpose in making that pearl, Sam murmured to himself.

Something just knocked outside of the pouch again, and Sam could tell this wasn't just another wave. He heard a cracking sound that sickened his stomach. He shut his shells and held his breath.  When the pouch finally opened, Sam squinted to see the giant white teeth of a shark.

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