Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tree Mother

It ought to be spring,
when soft pedals of blooms
race to cover the winter torn branches
of mountains and valleys.
Yet I have
the golden crunches of fall
under my feet in the garden.
Puddles of yellow tear drops,
from a mother
shedding her last layer of the past,
in exchange
for a chance
to bear all her hollowness
and scars
into a newly scorching sun,
the occasional pelting rain,
and always whistling wind.

From the low dampness of the ground,
the fallen leaves
smiled up
against a shiny blue sky,
blinking into the colors of rainbows,
missing none but mother's brown arms,
worn yet outstretched,
thin but fruit bearing,
experiences of standing tall
in the storms, while humbly bowing
towards the transformational calls
of the season.

But wait,
they said. Riding
with the wind towards her feet, huddling
close, against her brittle
creases, thirsty roots,
and fading scent
of sap,
warming her
over patches of thinning soil,
breaking into pieces
under impacts of unforgiving steps.

As wind rose,
and clouds congregate,
I look upwards into a weeping sky,
for signs of redemption of the fallen.
Will time bring them back down
to the depth of soil,
and will rain carry their ashes
into the tendrils of her thirsty roots?
Will their lingering essence,
rejoin the warmth of her vein,
and charge up the length of her trunk,
reaching onto the top
of her canape
once more, in celebration
of their return
as a brand new child of Spring?


  1. What a lovely piece on life renewing itself! Awesome writing!

    Happy Spring!

  2. Lovely poem!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and becoming a follower! I appreciate it!

  3. What a gorgeous poem!
    The imagery is powerful. I like the way you worked the image "mother earth" into the poem. A wonderful subject matter about renewal, tinged with sadness & hope.

  4. Lovely. I was intrigued and then captivated.

  5. Loree - thank you. I enjoyed your recent post. You must be so proud of him.

    Bossy Betty - thank you and welcome to my blog.

    Jade - you really seem to get it. your wonderful comment made my day.

    light208 - I am so glad you liked it.

  6. Wow, that was very strong and powerful. I felt things about some of the favorite aspects of this earth, but did also identify a human mother and sorrows with renewal as a person. Nice work...glad I came!

  7. To me the voice in the poem is very bittersweet, that slight tinge of desperate hope...as if sooner or later maybe earth will give up on renewing itself. I enjoyed it. RS

  8. You have some very good lines in there. Keep working at this. I gave up poetry a while back and can't find the inspiration--but practice is a kind of inspiration, I guess.

  9. Starlight - thanks! Been enjoying your posts.

    Jules - thanks for the visit and an truly perceptive read on this.

    Rasii - it is as bittersweet as life itself and that's a huge compliment from you.

    Jill - thanks.

  10. A beautiful, beautiful poem! You write gorgeous prose and now I see you write gorgeous verse.

    I love the imagery, rhythm and flow. Lovely, lovely.

  11. great poem Shopgirl and thanks for the visit. I can relate to what you say re churning out other people's dreams. Would love the chance to write more.

  12. Yours is one of my must keep up with blogs. This post is a good example of why.

  13. So poetic. I like how the leaves are smiling.

  14. Oh how beautiful! Really. Held my breath there for a moment ... ...brittle
    creases, thirsty roots,
    and fading scent
    of sap...
    You're a wonder. An inspiration! :)

  15. Absolutely beautiful imagery. It's the kind of poem I want to read again and again, gleaning more from it each time.

  16. Starlight - thank you and thanks for sharing it over twitter.

    Jules - I am so glad you read the powerful aspects tinged with sorrow. It's a high compliment.

    Robert - I liked what you said about "desperate hope", very on for this poem. I've been enjoying your poems as well.

    Jill - Thanks for your critique.

    Barbra L - That's a huge compliment, thanks so much.

  17. Angela - I always enjoy your poems so I am really glad you liked it.

    Jayne - Your posts have been really wonderful and inspirational, thank you for visiting and commenting.

    Leonora - I am so glad you liked the imagery and enough to re-read it from time to time, that's an amazing praise.




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