Friday, May 6, 2011


Kevin, my seven year old nephew, sauntered up to the sleeping bunny, looking around to make sure no one's looking.  I ducked my head into my book, pretending to be immersed in the scene I am reading.

The bunny stretched out on her lazy chair, a spot low and soft to help her recover from the her surgery yesterday.  Her white ears twitched at the sound of boys playing noisly upstairs.  But her pink rimmed eyes remain closed.

Kevin knelt down to watch her closely, holding his breath slightly at first,then exhailing into her soft hair, making them stand up at an angle.  The bunny opened her languid eyes just a sliver, struggling to stay awake, but no longer sleeping either.

A peanut lay nearby and Kevin picked it up and offered it to her.  She sniffed it.  That's what she's been doing, sniffing, but not eating.  The doctor warned us about this, she might die.  Their digestion system could shut down from the pain and she will die from starvation.  None of us had been able to get her to eat anything so far.

But Kevin's out stretched hands wasn't rejected like ours.  She took a bite, so tiny you'd miss it if you blinked.  Kevin's lips moved, whispering something but I couldn't hear it.  He touched her forehead with his index finger, massaging it, then he stroke her cheek until she started purring, eyes closed in blissful contentment.

I had forgotten the page I was on, the boys upstairs apparently had just won another victory against the battle drones spat out by the game software.  They cheered, made more stumps until the house creaked, just a little.

But I almost couldn't hear it watching the silent exchange between Kevin and the Bunny.  She struggled onto her feet, reaching into his hands, surprising him with a quick lick, and a few nudges.  But most importantly for me, she ate everything he offered up, even the bits she had taken from us just to spit out earlier.

The cheers suddenly ended, as footsteps grew closer and louder.  The boys are coming down. Albert, Kevin's big brother, who taunted him daily about his height, his baby cheeks, and his annoying personality, was in for a surprise.

A life saving surprise that is.


  1. Touching! I had a pet bunny when I was growing up.

  2. The way you wrote this I could see every bit of it in my mind. So, sweet!

  3. Loved this. I love how animals know and trust a gentle hand. There might be many hands, but it's always that one special hand. Nice post.

  4. Jessica - it was a moment to be remembered. Love to hear about your pet bunny stories?

    Becky - That's great to hear. Wish I had a photo but that's next best.

    Loree - Special indeed. We were out of sorts and then there goes Kevin! He has some kind of connection with animals...

  5. And you have some kind of connection with us.

  6. Oh, how sweet! Your bunny has a lot of personality.
    I really liked the Alcatraz post also. I felt as though I was there, walking in the corridors with you.

  7. Lovely post. People that have such connections with animals never cease to amaze me. I hope Bunny continues to get better.

  8. Aw, so sweet. I loved that you couldn't hear the cheers and stumps that made the house creak over the
    the silent exchange between your nephew and the bunny. Says it all. :)

  9. How wonderful that he could feed the bunny.

  10. What a beautiful post, thank you :-)

  11. So, so sweet. I could see it so clear, this dear boy comforting and nourishing bunny. Joy!




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