Friday, April 1, 2011

Blessings Of The Week

Inspired by a blogging friend Happy Frog and I, I wanted to occasionally do a "round up" sort of post.  Inline with the name of this blog, it will be called "blessings of the week".

  1. The moment I pressed "e-file" on all the various tax forms was one of pure relief.  This came after several long days (weeks? can't recall) of figure crunching, which utterly eludes me despite of my Asian heritage and fairly respectable education records.
  2. The Boy came home yesterday with a cut and swollen lip yesterday from an aimless basketball.  I applied ice and we watched a movie together while his hands are occupied holding up the ice pack.  The afternoon felt like a weekend, peppered with occasional ice cream pops and refreshing cold drinks.
  3. He went on CCN (A school broadcasting network almost entirely staffed by kids) as an all star anchor person delivering the news and orchestrating the switching of the programs.  I almost couldn't recognize the child before me, remembering his slight stutter and deer in the headlight look during his kindergarten debut on the same program.
  4. Booked and looking forward to the trip a bit up north during spring break.
  5. Having a new career path laid out, one that fits my talent and personality so brilliantly and one that is in the company of such creative minds at Google: 
  6. The weather has stopped going through the yo-yo this week, and seem to be heading full speed to summer. Everywhere you look, there are colorful skirts and sandals dancing up and down the quiet gray sidewalks. I defrost my perpetually cool skin in the sun long and often, with only a hammock missing.
  7. During one of the rainy days I was driving around feeling as moody as the sky which alternated between a blast of sun and hails all day long.  Then a ladybug landed my window and gave me inspiration for this little tweet:
    a ladybug lands on my window, 
    while clouds push the sun behind puffy shadows. 
    The rain sings in crescendo, 
    when I dance over that pesky puddle.


  1. And it was a real ladybug, not one of those pesky japanese beetles that bite, another blessing!

  2. Sounds like a great week!
    Lovely ladybug poem :) :) My favorite line from it is "the rain sings in crescendo"

  3. A wonderful list of blessings. Thanks for perking up my day.

  4. Loved this!

    Also love your ladybug poem...I love how writing like that just...happens.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What wonderful blessings!

    I'm still waiting for warm weather. However, the sun is shining today, and that is definitely something to feel happy about. :-D

  6. Lovely post. The ladybug pic is cute. I had my first efile attempt rejected. It was a nightmare trying to resolve. Luckily they accepted the "fixed" one.

  7. I'm so pleased that you have started a round up of your week, that's great! I really enjoyed reading about your blessings for the week, it's amazing how much you can find when you just take the time to stop and look. x

  8. Enjoyed reading your round up post!

  9. Very productive and colorful week. Then again, I can't imagine you not having a week like that. ;)
    (Love the tweet!)

  10. That's a great list...makes me feel happy...




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