Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunset In Del Mar

You were new,
I was shy,
then you said hi, and I knew we'd be alright.

You ran fast,
I think slow,
then you said "let's go for a walk", we knew we'd be alright.

You kayak and raft,
I was scared of a rock,
then we went whitewater rafting, and whoever lost that paddle had to stand and get singing.

You taught me courage,
I learned to venture,
then we went skiing, and beat those tough boys in pool, drinking and skiing.

You started me on scrapbook,
I urged you to write,
then we journal our hearts out in a circle of friends and light.

You threw me a shower,
I became a T. T.,
then we grew up and each got some marriages and kids.

You permeated busy and happy,
I steeped in melancholy and sassy,
but then you dangled in my worried heart, and that string pulled quite easy.

One day I heard your sorrow,
I felt your tears,
but then I've never known to feel sorry, for your brave fighting ways.

You are surrounded,
by a thousand and one hugs.
But then I know you'd much rather, just have back that one shining knight.

You've seen darkness,
you've been a light,
I hope you'd go see the sunset in Del mar, and know you'll be alight.

-- For Angie, in the wake of your devastating loss.


  1. sweet! i figure this is dedicated for a very close friend of yours?

  2. Maria -

    Guilty. I wrote this quite a few days ago (around Jan 6 when we all heard about her loss).

    One Girl's Story -

    Thanks. The feeling is mutual.

  3. Shopgirl - a stunning gift to your friend. Be well.




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