Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Blanks

It's a new year, yet much remain the same.  If you are a student, you have the school terms reminding you where you are, you may be learning new lessons, but you are still in the same term.  If you are a worker, your office would not suddenly have grown a measure, just because the calendar have completed and started on a new cycle.  If you stay at home, you may even crave the sameness before the holidays -- some peace and quiet from the visiting family, the drunk uncle so and so's and the cousin smarty pants and the screaming children two too many. Chances are over the holidays your to do list has grown, bank account has shrank, and the state of your resolutions has remained the same year over year.

If you are me, dangling through the roller coaster of life, you may come back and stare at a blank "New Post" page for too long, racking your brain for things you can put down as "a blessing" for the day, thinking since it is a new year you ought to return to writing closer to the theme; but on second thought maybe you really hasn't fallen that far from it.  After another hour you wonder if you have tempted faith a bit too much with this silly title, your mind filled with blanks.

But then you found you've had a few new readers, a few new comments, and a few more new blogs to read.  Some are so good they light up your imaginations, and you make new connections with fired up comments.  You don't care if they are returned, as you appreciate the writing, enjoyed the story and admire their skills so and you like to let them know that.  You share a piece of you in the comment too.  As a part of the story has caught onto a part of you, uncovering a corner of your memory that was put away for too long or an old wound that was never properly bandaged but suddenly you found it was not as bad as you thought, as others had it too, and they got better by letting it air out rather than stuffing it into a mental attic. When you click "publish comment", you feel the window to the attic open, and you feel the breeze.

Then you think perhaps they would return a visit, or someone else will, or they have already, and it's all good.  You think perhaps a part of your story will touch a part of their hearts too, in some small way. You hope it'd light a fire in them, but you'd settle for cheering them on, even just for a moment, to see a little light at the end of the tunnel of the sameness, of drudge and dullness, new year's day or not.

So you begin, to just write about how you feel, and you've already forgotten about the blanks.


  1. I love what you've written here - especially about the feeling when you publish a comment. I've often worried about how comments I leave might be received, but I also know I thrive on every comment that is left on my blog. So I will do as you advise & keep opening that window.

  2. Lovely post. I know exactly what you mean about the new year pause - nothing really changes except the date on your calendar.

    Also completely understand what you mean about the malevolent blank page!

  3. Nothing really changes in new year except the date on the calendar. Maybe some (rare) people manage to realise their resolutions and change their life but otherwise everything's the same.
    An incredible blogger wrote a wonderful sentence about changes and I think it's appropriate to quote her: "The key to being able to change things that seem out of control is to open our mind to alternatives." I think that's what we have to do if we want changes.

  4. You are so correct in your post.. Nothing really changes after New Year. Its just a date. Yes, our bank accounts shrank a lot...

    I loved your description about writing posts and comments.. Yes, it does make a difference to others... A seemingly mundane comment can light up someone's entire day..

    Keep blogging!

  5. You have captured my thoughts and put it in here...the New year, resolutions, bank account, and the feeling of being lost for words and ideas. I like what you have written about comments and visits because I feel the same way...though when it comes to writing, there are periods of self doubt for me....

  6. I'm glad you wrote this. (My bank account is completely deflated!)
    And I've been thinking a lot about inspiration (or lack thereof), writing, and at times, the loneliness that follows this endeavor.
    I'm so thankful for the Blogger community, and of how supportive fellow writers are. The comments, whether just a blurb or dissertation, feed our hearts and inspire.
    Since I work from home, I often feel like I am missing the companionship of creative colleagues. The back and forth exchange of kooky ideas. But I see now, that bloggers I've "met", are my colleagues, my mentors, my friends. And when I read posts like yours, the ideas flow once again...
    Thank you for this, Shopgirl.

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  8. The image of the attic in this one is lovely. I really enjoyed this post - a sweet, uplifting piece with a deceptively clever structure to it. Very nicely done.

  9. When I first started blogging, I thought that no one would ever want to read what I'd written.

    I think the biggest surprise is the first comment you get, and the best thing someone can ever tell you is that what you wrote somehow captured a feeling that they had.

    This post did that for me. Sometimes I read the people on my blogroll, simply because I need that breeze, to let something delightful in. Today, you were that breeze :)

  10. One of my goals this year is to blog, read blogs, and COMMENT more! All too often I quick-read blogs but don't really connect with people like I used to. And I remember a time when it felt GOOD to connect with other bloggers. Gotta get back to that. :-D

  11. Thumbs up on this post! I hear you about the blank page, suffering from it myself right now.

  12. Beautiful!

    this post resonates beauty. haven't i told you that i feel like i've been going or have gone through the things you are/had?

    the comments you leave on my posts. i can only say so much how it means to me that another soul in another part of the world reads me and understands the pains and joys i'm going through. yea just beautiful.

    you are a beautiful person. your words are moving. your experiences so real. and you find manage to find a blessing each day.

    p.s. i'm curious about the major change in your career. you travel a lot and are a multilingual. don't you know that's what i want to do?lol. you inspire me.

  13. What a lovely post. Yes, the blank page can be quite daunting. Diving in and just going for it is definitely a way to solve it. :)

  14. I loved how you captured the emotion in this. I found myself nodding along most of the way through. I've recently found a host of bloggers who provide me with inspiration, and it's posts like this that do it.

  15. A lovely ribbon of thoughts : )

  16. Thanks everyone for your visits and lovely comments. I am thrilled to see some of my favoritest bloggers here.

    Sharon - I hear you on concerns about how comments are perceived. Sometimes I have looked back on comments I posted and thought "What was I thinking?" Had to use the "delete" feature a few times. That said, I've seen your comments elsewhere and I think I speak for everyone who have had the pleasure that you leave great comments.

    Baglady - Believe it or not, I started typing this piece not quite knowing where it'd go, so I am so pleased that I made a little connection there with you.

    Starlight - that's a beautiful quote. I wish I knew who the writer was so I could read more. I do love changes so will keep open my mind.

    runawaybride - thanks for the encouragements. My hope is the connection with the blogging community has just started, but I am liking it a lot already.

    caterpillar - you write so beautifully so I hope the doubts go away soon. "Capturing your thoughts" is such an elegant high praise too, I love it.

    Jayne - I agree wholeheartedly. When I first heard people say that blogging is about community I kinda shrugged it off. Then I read a few other blogs, made a few comments, and here we are.

    MLS - Welcome and so glad to have you visit. You picked out my favorite part too. I am a big fan of your writing so your praise here is highly regarded.

    Sally-sal - I can't agree with you more. I never expected this when I first started blogging. But here we are, I too find your writing inspirational, thought provoking and speak to me in a personal way.

    And the last part, this is the nicest comment I ever got. Thank you!

    Melissa - I find my ability to keep up with comments ebb and flow as well with the shapes of my day. But the community seem to have some elasticity and is usually welcoming on my return. So Welcome back!

    light208 - Thank you that is a great comment. I agree and I so appreciate the bloggers who write so well and allow me to read and learn from them too.

    Leonora - Yay it's just so good to have you visit and comment. Lovely comment. :) Thanks!

  17. Barbra -

    I hope your blank page fills up soon, I can't wait to visit.

    Maria -

    I do also feel we have a lot in common, and you write beautifully as well as comment thoughtfully.

    If you'd like to discuss my comments on your post further, do drop me an email some times:[]

    Meredith -

    That's how this came about so that's a good tip!

  18. You write very well, and add more value to people's lives than you likely know. I'm so happy to "know" you virtually speaking. I follow your blog and plan to be back. Have a great week.

  19. p.s. Are you on Twitter. Let me know as it's a good way to stay in touch. I'll follow you, no need to follow me back... not collecting followers. I'm @adaddyblog. Best wishes. ~Michael

  20. Oh, this is so true. I really drifted along with your thoughts in this post. I love your comments on my posts - yours really do cheer me up, touch a part of my heart, and encourage me too carry on. Thank you! Lovely post.

  21. I love this piece of writing. Lots of bloggers seem to be posting about 'blogging' at the moment but this is the best I've read.

  22. You're a good writer. Very expressive. I like the imagery you use when describing your change in feelings when leaving a comment. It made me feel all melty inside.

    I hope you have a good day. :)

  23. You're a good writer. Very expressive. I like the imagery you use when describing your change in feelings when leaving a comment. It made me feel all melty inside.

    I hope you have a good day. :)

  24. You're a good writer. Very expressive. I like the imagery you use when describing your change in feelings when leaving a comment. It made me feel all melty inside.

    I hope you have a good day. :)

  25. This was a lovely post - some beautiful images described. As well as the main content of your post I really like your last line!

  26. Michael (ADB) -

    that's the least I can do after having taken in so much from other bloggers.

    Bth -

    I'm glad to have you visit and you are welcome. Pay it forward if you will.

    EW -

    I enjoy your writing too so that is truly a lovely comment. It made my day.

    Angela -

    I love that word - "Melty inside". My friend Trish talks a little like that. Very girly and warm. Thanks, and you too!

    SFW -

    You have a great ID. I wish I could have thought of a more unique ID for myself earlier on. Thanks for your visit.




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