Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Farewell Kevin

I was shocked to hear that he had passed,  a news that came just after the dusts of the new years celebrations had settled, while our faint hope for his recovery still lingered on.  It seemed just yesterday we were hearing his larger than life laughs bouncing off the hallways, about another one of his fantasy style parties, or some triumphs of creations during the comic conventions.  Yet the illness that took him to the hospital a while ago, a seemingly benign cough, took him for good on that day after the new year. 

I cannot claim to be anything more than a friendly onlooker standing on the fringe of his life, occasionally peeking into the fantastic circle of energy and waves he created.  They were circles of celebrations, cheers, weddings, and adventures, of all he, a worthy rival of the Great Gatsby of the 1920s or the P. Diddy of our times, resided in the center. His parties were so legendary and popular, tickets were being sold to cover the cost of preparations.  Star of India, costumes, and the works.  That's Kevin, the works.

His age didn't matter.  With a child like excitement he embraced everything and everyone in life, yet with wisdom and compassion beyond his years he had touched the hearts and lives of so many in deeper ways than anyone could have ever hoped in a lifetime and over.  His adventure into the other world brought down tears to hundreds, yet we couldn't help but smile when we tried to picture the stir he must have already caused over there, when we think of what kind of a reception must have been put on for him.

So we cheer him on instead, we say farewell but we tell him:

"We wish we could have one more of those legendary bear hugs of yours, one more of your smile, that laugh, and we can't wait to see you on the other side.  But in the meantime, you will be remembered."

PS:  A friend who knew him far better and longer than I wrote this understated yet elegant post about him here, and I nearly withdrew mine as I thought I could never do him such justice.  But if nothing else, I would be glad to just offer a place for you to find this link:

Also please feel free to visit the page "Get Well Kevin" on Facebook where you can learn a lot about his life and how hundreds if not more feel about him.  I think you will be glad when you do.


  1. You wrote from the heart and that is always a beautiful thing.

  2. I agree with Barbara. It's from your hart and is wonderfully written.

  3. That was beautifully written, and a lovely tribute - one he should be pleased with, wherever he is now.

  4. i don't know what to say.. :(




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