Friday, December 10, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

Another 3BT style blog as inspired by Clare Grant's original.

(you can find all my other 3BT articles by selecting the 3BT label from the cloud on the right)

Today's beautiful things are about: shoulder to cry on, crossing guards, and cards.

1. Shoulders.  Terrible things happening at work, and got a shoulder to cry on.  People making time for my sob stories even though it was the upteemth time they have heard it.

2. Crossing guards are volunteers who have just as hectic and problem filled lives as mine, but they get up early, put on a smile, and help kids cross the streets safely to school.  Plus they have to wear that hideous orange and reflective west yet they still happily greet everyone.

3. Appreciation card.  Got an appreciation card for a undetermined amount of Starbucks for my AWANA work.  I dreaded going in the beginning, thinking why did I get myself into this?  Just when I started to get into the groove and the kids and I began to laugh and high-five rather than nodding off or running off, this came.

Thanks for all these wonderful bloggers I follow whose words have inspired me to keep thinking positively and persevere in the face of trials.  If you ever need a pick up, go visit these pages (and tell them I sent you):

The Silver Lining - Find the silver lining in every cloud, words wise beyond her years
Endless Eats - Comforting thoughts of food, beautiful photos of places to eat and witty words,
My World and How I see it - Thoughts about being blessed and be a blessing
It's A Beautiful Life - Brenda encourages new bloggers and recommends other beautiful blogs
A Life of Color - Wise words that everyone could use and follow
The Three Beautiful Things - As mentioned, the one that started the finding 3 beautiful things in every day life a few years ago and has inspired many to do the same


  1. What a good idea. There are always beautiful things around us. We just have to recognize them. I might start doing posts like this. If so, should I credit you or Clare.... probably both ^_^

    p.s. I found you from reading A Life Of Color =)

  2. *Trisha* Lovely to have you over and glad you found me. She has a fun blog doesn't she. Both would work great or just tell her that I sent you when you visit. Can't wait to see your posts.

  3. Thanks sooo much for mentioning my blog today!

    That would certainly be one of 'three beautiful things' to be happy about today!

    Wishing you glimpses of beauty in every corner....

  4. nice to read that you had a wonderful day in spite of the troubles that came your way. truly a shoulder to cry on is just what we need when we feel bad and true friends will never ever tire listening to our repetitive stories!:)

    I'm already following some of the blogs you mentioned and just like you, i also seek comfort and inspiration in those positive words these bloggers write. will check the ones i haven't followed yet.

    lastly i appreciate so much the nice words you left on my page. about the diary thingy? yea you're not the only one!lol

  5. Aww! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. That is so kind of you and just made my entire weekend! :]

  6. I only recently stumbled across the '3BT' concept and am addicted to seeking out and reading all the different blogs now! Sorry to hear you're having a bad time at work, but fingers crossed it will get better for you... Best wishes :o)

  7. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog in this post! It makes my heart smile!

    In response to your comment....I hope you found some fun new pens that brightened your day and I am glad to hear you endulged in the chocolates :)!

    Much love!

  8. I love this post, you always leave me thinking with your poignancy.
    I'm definitely going to keep a careful look out for all the beautfiul things we take for granted in this world. Especially the crossing guards (or as we call them in England, 'lollipop ladies')
    I'll be smiling back at them ,thanks to your inspiration.
    Thanks for opening our eyes! :) xx

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments, it is so encouraging as always.

    Brenda - glad to have added a bit of cheer in your day.

    Maria - Glad to have found you through blog sphere, seems that we have a few things in common. I enjoyed your writing style, so more to come in learning about them I hope.

    Christine - It's always a pleasure to visit your blog so wanted to spread the joy with others. Glad to hear it!

    toycool - thanks for your well wishes!

    a life of color - I am glad to hear it and I did, thanks again!

    Roma - I agree, I was so happy to look up from my thoughts one day and found them smiling I had to note it. Lollipop ladies, huh? What a cool name. Thanks for sharing this lovely note!




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