Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crowd Control 群乐

Beijing in line to get in metro to go to work
I was feeling blue today.  No matter how positive one tries to be everyday, there will be that little voice of negativity that edges its way backup, slowly some days, suddenly most others.  Squashing this voice too much, for too long, is just as unhealthy as letting it out all the time.

Well, I was feeling sorry for myself, when I received this photo from mom, who just returned from Beijing.  It gives a quick glimpse of the crowding problems China has been facing.  Taxis were not available for two hours though they practically covered the streets during rush hour.  I also heard that hundreds of thousands college graduates could not find jobs *each year*,  and more who could not even go to colleges face even less choices. 

After dinner, I came across an article on Marie Claire international reports.  It detailed a story happening in a village in Southern China where some brute force approaches were used to enforce the infamous "one child policy".

So on one hand, over crowding have caused significant pain not just for China but (overtime) severe resource depletion to the whole world.  However, iron fist style policy enforcement is also problematic, to say the least, when it affects the very personal well being the government had once set out to serve.

I do not have a solution today, but in light of the world, of 1.4 billion people crowded into 1/3 of the space we live in the US, (as a good majority of western China consists of uninhabitable land,) my problems loom smaller, like dust even, blown away with just the slightest breath of fresh air.


  1. It's terrible what's going on in some parts of the world, I can't imagine how those people live. I know I'm very lucky - though my life isn't perfect and I'm having some problems, my problems are small comparing to those people's life.

  2. This is sad but I'm thinking of a quote from Frank Sinatra. An avid drinker he commented, "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

    I sometimes relish the times I feel blue or troubled by my problems because when I come out of them I have such joy and it's usually cause for celebration (at least that's my excuse).

    Just recently I've had some things happen that usually kill my patience or make me exclaim "why this, why now!"

    Busted side-window from road debris while I'm driving 70 on the freeway - the repair was expensive and took 2 trips to the dealer! But I found myself thinking THANK GOD I can afford this. I remember college days when a car repair would cripple me and send me into debit or worse negative checking account balance.

    Last night I'm working into the wee hours on a project and my internet goes down from 7pm til well after midnight. Normally I get so upset and ask 'why me, why now.' It can totally distract my focus but instead I said this little prayer that something good would come of it and continued on as best as I could. Something good came of it for sure I got an work meeting postponed and have extra time to finish.

    Maybe I'm just surredering to my circumstances instead of reacting to them. I'm just so thankful for where I am now because of the pain of where I've been (broke, divorced, jobless, Godless).

    Don't ignore how you feel in this moment but have hope that 'this too shall pass.' and when it does -- I will bring over the wine and chocolates to celerate :)

    Should I requote Sinatra "I feel sorry for people who never experience pain, because when they wake up in the morning -- that's the best they will feel all day" HAHA I'm such a dork :)


  3. I read Marie Clarie international reports too! I have to admit that they make me well up in tears, but I find them oddly fascinating in their simplicity.

  4. "Squashing this voice too much, for too long, is just as unhealthy as letting it out all the time." <--Love that. Very good point. Sometimes, instead of pushing it away, we really need to face it head on. And good post overall. Some things in the world reallllly put our small problems in perspective.

  5. Starlight - I echo your comment and it is hard to imagine sometimes even for me, who grew up in the midst of it, as the growth rate had been staggering.

    Trish - I was glad to have a glass of wine in hand while reading your comment. What a good quote! I am with you, the valleys are there for us to appreciate the peaks. In fact, I felt hope from all the responses I got on this piece. I am thankful for many things for sure. It is stressful to have to deal with car troubles, I hope you have success in your project.

    Patty - I cringed when I quoted MC, usually I avoid using real entity names, but in this case I made an exception, glad you liked it.

    Christine - Glad to have you back for a visit. I like your perspectives, you are the first to quote me in comments!

  6. I always find it easier to face my problems after I consider how many blessings I have, even just in being born American!

  7. Reading about other peoples problems certainly puts your own into perspective. I also agree with Christine, I liked that to.

  8. Alittlesprite - It is a very neat little sprite indeed. It reminds me of characters from Andersen's tales. Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment, so glad you liked it.

  9. Noo.... you're fine :) At the top of my blog on the left side there is a search box. Next to it it says "follow". Just click that. I look forward to following each other!




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