Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Award

My First Award
In a quick review of my recent entries I can see I have veered horribly off course from the original theme of counting daily blessings.  True to nature, I have a difficult time focusing on one thing only (see my profile) for a while.  But at the year's ending, I also revel at the knowledge that I have come across the likes of  Christine, whose blog  The Silver Lining
and moreover whose conduct reminds me almost daily that blessings are indeed within the grasps of a searching heart.

In my recent snowboard/ski vacation with friends, we were blessed by countless strangers who stepped forward to help in the scary uncertainties of darkness, ice, snow storms, and freezing temperatures. 

In the weeks before that, I was blessed with the company of new friends and with cookies and ciders no less.  This was after I had spent a wonderful thanksgiving holiday with a dear old friend resting and relaxing, and learning how to make oatmeal the right way, among other things.

So it has been a good year after all, though I would never underestimate my ability to get into further trouble in the blogging or real world.  Though in those times, I like to think of and remember a Frank Sinatra quote brought to me by my friend Trish:

As an avid drinker he commented, "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

Anyway back to Christine and her blog The Silver Lining, as I had discovered she had passed me a "Honest Scrap" blogging award just before my adventures in the snow.  Wow, I am so excited and grateful.  Thank you Christine!

I also learned that I should share five random facts about myself, and pass down the award to five other deserving blogger. Hm, this is getting interesting, as you can probably see from my blog posts, I am weary if not downright incapable of revealing myself but let's try it shall we?

Five random facts about myself:

1.  I am lactose intolerant, but I love milk so I drink those special lactose free milk which tastes sweet and I get pretty addicted to it.  I tried becoming a "vegetarian" who eats fish but didn't last for more than a week.  I am not a steak and potato only person but I did not discover how much "meat" I eat daily until I tried to stay free from it.

2.  One of my legs seem so significantly longer than the other that I sometimes feel a bit crippled by imbalance. Though a recent chiropractor visit revealed the legs are even but the bone is simple much more protruded on one side due to my poor postures. 

3.  For around five years in a row, I woke up everyday at 3am thinking jumbled thoughts and in many of the days I started working (My company have offices in Europe) at this hour.  Eventually I changed my job and learned to pray for sleep, and now I can typically sleep pass 4:30-5am uninterrupted.  If I do wake up prior to that, I can usually pray myself back to sleep.

4.  I am generally considered a "Korean" in China, a "Chinese" in the United States, a "Japanese" in Japan, and "American" in most European nations but some also think I were an Italian.  I look a lot like a Korean but only in China do they seem to notice and announce this regularly.  Whereas in Japan I am usually mistaken as a translator, as I often traveled with a colleague of European appearance but in fact is fluent in Japanese.  I speak with a fairly thick American (Cali) accent so that gets picked up before anything else in Europe.

5.  I am rated as an ENFP (56%E, 12%N, 100%F, 89%P) in one of those Myers-Briggs personality tests.  This surprised me as I always thought I was an introvert.  But I do often leave conferences or trade shows with hundreds of business cards (new contacts) by just letting go of any perceptions and be myself.  I have since then noticed around people who have decided that I was very introverted (usually an extreme extrovert who needs no help in carrying a conversation), I do tend to become quieter naturally. I am nothing if not flexible.

Whew! Now onto the five deserving blogger.  Since I am so new in this world, and some of the really well deserving ones have been chosen (Sharon, Maria, and ...Christine herself etc).  I really had to think about this, and at the risk of miss remembering some brilliant blogger I truly love here are my picks:

The Runaway Bride (hard to get more honest than this, in my opinion):

You. Me. No adult supervision (Her writing is always heartfelt but I especially favor this one):

Mr. Londo Street (A literary blogger in the truest sense, this piece also exhibits his ability to think and write about something seemingly clichéd in breathtaking freshness and eloquence):

Never A Dull Moment (I seem to share many interests with her and one of which is a blog about our respective loving father's birthday, a truly honest and touching piece):

Memoirs of a Word Nerd

Please check out their blogs, some of whom are actually not followers or regular readers of my blog.  That is how you know I truly respect their writing and think it will be an asset for anyone to discover the same.


  1. You are quite welcome for the award, you deserve it! Good to learn some new things about you!

  2. Oh thank you! Also, 3 am is a hideous time to wake up.

  3. ha now i know how you related well with my sleeping problem! thanks for the tips you shared :)

    it made me smile that you think i also deserve this award. caterpillar has passed me such honor and i'll be posting about it soon. :)

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy new year Shopgirl! :)

  5. Congrats :) I enjoy reading your blog and you really deserve this award!

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and well wishes. Happy holidays to one and all!




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