Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winter Garden 冬季花园

My desolate window box
Growing up in Beijing, my body slows down during the winter, taking cues from the thin ice covered gray and brown landscape, entering a long and well deserved break from the growth spurts, explorations and explosions of activities, and fruitful abundance of the other seasons. 

San Diego however, doesn't believe in such nonsense.  Winter brings on loads of rain and (whenever the rain stops) slightly cooler but still sun filled weather.  It is the beginning of the growth season here.  Roses drink in the rain and sigh with relief at the end of the dry season.  The remaining sun is still hot enough to bake her new spurs crimson and paint her buds brilliant.  My late planting tomato, after a bucketful of sun sweet harvest in August, decided to sprout another set of heavy branches with yellow blossoms and tiny green fruits after the October rain.  

Of course, autumn mums want to join in this cheerful company, adding their friendly smiles to the mix.  Even my aloes and cacti, especially my aloes and cacti, shot off new growth and flower stocks upon the first rain of the cool season like soldiers hearing battle horns, racing to explode into shades unbeknown to the summer desert landscape, contrasts sharply with their stoic expressions, stony planters and prickly demeanors.   

My only puzzling heartache goes to the lovely eggplant.  Lush with broad and meaty leaves covered in lovely white fuzz, she has been undeterred by bouts of worms, insects and even occasional droughts, pouring out delicate yet elelgant purple blossoms profusely since summer. Yet I am still only seeing grilled eggplant brushed with olive oil in my dreams.  Should I have planted friends of her kind for company, or is she simply too shy for the first year to bear fruit?   Whatever gives, I hope she stay around long enough for me to solve the mystery...

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