Saturday, November 13, 2010


Being a life long procrastinator, I have a proper panic this morning about the impending wine soiree at my place.  My plans of staying up late last night (after visiting Kellee) and get a head start on cleaning/cooking/shopping had thawed when I came across "Julie & Julia" playing on Netflix.

At least that gave me an idea about the menu.  Bruschetta for one,  some kind of meat with sautéed mushrooms for another, and "God willing, something else shall reveal itself later today", as I wrote to my adventurous tasters.  "Don't crowd the mushrooms!"  Julia exclaimed, mimic'd across time and continent by the food renegade blogger Julie 30 some years later.    Though I have seen this movie before, now that I am a budding blogger, and is on the verge to cook for a crowd first time in several years, I have a new connection with the anxiety and melt downs of the protagonist.

So I saunter into the market, without my reusable bag, a cart or even a basket.  Mentally running over the ingredients I need, while doubts float around like bubbles coming out of a poorly loaded dish washer.   I am scheduled to be in Mexico from 9 to 4 today, and guests are coming over around 5:30.  With Julie and Julia cheering me on, I should have bruschetta done by then, but will have to at least do a dust over of the apartment also.  God help me if I get stuck at the border patrol, do I even have my passport somewhere?  It is loaded with stamps around the world, but last one was from a year ago and I just can't remember where I had shoved it now. 

I picked up the plumiest roma tomato, basil, garlic, and gave up on the prosciutto when my tomatoes spill onto the ground.   I still haven't found the cider, nor other suitable substitute for the non alcoholic inclined friends.    With considerable effort, I pick up the pieces of spilled groceries and myself from the floor, and head to the check out. 

"Good morning!"  The cheerful checkout lady  broke the silence and became the first to speak to me today.  I return with a yarn and some tears as the result of exertion.

"Those look yummy!"  She won't let off the positive bits, despite of my best efforts not to make eye contact.  I look up, she is smiling wide, head slightly tilted, eyes dance a bit with the tone of her words going up and down like music, while her head of big curls stood surprisingly still.

"Yeah, have some friends over, but I can't find sparkling ciders and..."  I rattle off the list of things still missing, trailing off as I realize I was close to ranting, at an insanely early hour to a complete stranger.

"Oh, no worries!" She quickly draw another clerk close and send him off to fetch the elusive items, and pointed to the stack of cider just behind me.  "While we are waiting, you want to go ahead and grab those from there?"

The rest of the day still pronounces danger of exhaustion from the trip, being late, stressed out, and disappointing food, but with all my ingredients in tow, I somehow walk lighter and higher on the way out.

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