Monday, November 8, 2010

Sore Hock!

"I think the bunny has a limp on his leg today!"

On our way out the door, I dragged my body back to check out this situation.  Sensing my sudden movement, nips (the bunny) dashed around and behind the condo to hide below the little chair, peering out at me with a naughty glint.

"She is moving awfully fast for a limp..."   I tried to catch a better look yet she retrieved further.  "OK, see you later then nips!"   I ran back out and into the hussle and bustle of the rush hour.

Yet something gnawed at me so I came home early to check on her.  She came to me, and sure enough with a limp on her right hind leg.  My heart shivered and sank.  I wished I could hear her whine, but she simply looked on.

We rush her to our favorite Vet (Rancho Santa Fe) who squeezed her appointment in at a moment's notice and gave her a thorough exam.  The vet lady identified the source of the limp at the back of her right hock (foot):

"She doesn't seem to have a broken bone but perhaps a sore ankle.  She might have landed wrong from somewhere when you guys weren't looking."

After the exam, Nips was hopping one legged around the room, but in good spirit, chomping down the special treats (banana chips) we reserve for car rides loudly.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

"As long as she is eating and drinking more or less regularly, we are not too concerned. They are very sensitive to pain, which could cause GI shutdown which is fatal, so keep a good eye on it".    She also gave us some bunny pain killers. 

Back home, I looked for "sore hock" online, and found a wealth of information.  There is a wrap I could do for her, with the vet's help.  I was hoping to find the cause, yet there doesn't seem to be one that matches well.  Slippery flooring seem the only possibility, yet after all this time, why now?

Still I roll out our winter rugs to cover the floors, lay out her favorite treats, blanketed her condo, and hugged her close. 

Maybe she will feel better tomorrow...

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  1. What we won't do for our beloved pets. Hope your bunny is hopping perfectly now!




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