Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chicas Locas and Beach Culture

Enjoying rich bits of euro-culture sipping through the pages of my fellow bloggers (Mr. London Street, Bag Lady, Resistant but Persistent... etc.-- see side bar links), I am inspired to note down a few bits about my beloved home town California beach culture, starting with our Lingo.

We greet each other in a curious sushi ingredient sounding word: "watsa-up"?   It sounds like wasabi, but is surly not, though we do enjoy that (sushi) here tremendously.   A weekly must in fact.

No matter who you are, female or male, infant or assistant living resident, you shall not be surprised to be addressed as a "dude!"   Though it is more commonly accepted that if you are an infant, or an elderly, that you will only be a "dude" if you are in fact, a boy.  However, if the speaker is a surfer, all bets are off.

Sunset over Thanksgiving week
Speaking of surfers, it is a way of life here.  Anyone from techno geeks to street food vendor is prone to be addicted to the seemingly fun but really a rather neck breaking sport.  Our year round sunny weather propels an addiction to the outdoors in any case, and miles of sandy beaches doesn't hurt.  Surf reports are delivered in the highest technological configurations, thanks to surfing techies, as close to "real time" as any stock quotes on wall street, if not faster.  Want to try your hand at surfing?  Better start with the lingo and learn the difference between long boards and shorts, a fish and an egg, and what is a potato chip at your nearest surf shop.

Our favorite food would have to be the Baja fish taco, sold nearly in every sort of restaurant out there, though it is never a very long drive to our beautiful neighbor country - Mexico, where you can taste for yourself that our version is not that far off, give or take a spoonful of lard here and there from the refried beans. Key words here are friendly Spanish hellos, "buenos dias, amigos..."

As much as we love the ocean, visiting dolphins, and our white sand beaches, we do not easily forgo snow boarding fun in the nearby mountains (Mammoth, Big Bear), or sudden bursts of the spring desert (Anza-Borrego) flowers,  summer white water river (Kern) rafts, or a quick hop to the star studded Hollywood, for that matter.  No matter the season or the day, someone will be in shorts, T-shirts and flip flops, and spring would often find chicas locas skiing in bikinis.  

Is it really crazy?  No, it is southern California.


  1. It seems that you're having a lots of fun in sunny California. Mr. Starlight was there 2 years ago and he thinks it's a perfect place to live, he's in love with California (I should be jealous).
    I hope I'll travel there some day and experience your culture myself. In the mean time I'll read your blog posts and just wish I was there :)

  2. Just reading this while waiting on the plane to go back home (California) for a few weeks! This made me even more excited! Can't wait for baja fish tacos... :)

  3. Starlight - it would be great if you could visit, be sure to look me up if you do! Thanks for the visits...

    Nikki - You are such a world traveler, I didn't realize you call Cali home. I always enjoy your worldly reports. Thanks for stopping by.




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