Monday, October 25, 2010

You know you have a little boy when... 男童趣话

  • At 6am in the morning, you hear the sound of the water fountain in your dreams.
  • Above followed by - "MOM! I peed standing up in the potty today!"
  • Your request to go shopping this weekend is met with whine, glare, silence, and clever redirection (don't you love it when they learn from you so quickly?) to the ballpark. 
  • You have a "duck or cover" reflex when changing diapers.  
  • You have an annual pass to Legoland.
  • You gave up on giving birthday parties in the house because having a handful of boys jumping around broke major furniture items.
  • You get a make up biology class daily during dinner about all the sounds different parts of your body can make.
  • You save money on napkins because they learned early on to wipe everything off of their sleeves.
  • You take a minimum of hundred toy train rides a week.
  • You learned at an early age (of your child) the value of a 'game boy' is under reported. 
  • After a few years, you stop believing pink is a valid color option for clothing.
  • You get "picked up" (literally with feet off the ground) ever since your child was old enough to recognize his biceps.
  • Your child sleep walk into the hamper / closet / bathtub off and on, and he was not in there to do laundry / change clothes / take a bath.     You, on the other hand, would be.   
  • You may not know how to program a VCR but you can put together a Bionicle in 30 seconds.
  • You know the meaning of the word "Bionicle".
  • You couldn't watch films like Stanly Kubrick's  "Artificial Intelligence" without crying like a baby.
  • You receive love letters (on valentines day) from someone whose way too short for your standards and it makes you happy.
  • You have a man in the house even when you are the only adult around.
  • You thank God everyday for little boys because they fill the world with a joy that is loud, stomping,  dusty, bumpy, unapologetic, uncompromising, maddening, wholehearted, determined, open armed, wide eyed and forever mesmerizing.

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