Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Town 家乡小镇

Saw a movie tonight named "the Town".   It talks about this town in Boston that was notorious for producing robbers.   However, it was quoted that people from this town were "proud of the town, where they were from, and who they are".

This is how I feel about my home town.

Unlike the southern towns famous for producing beauty, or the coastal towns famous for prosperity, or the ethnic towns for their exotic cultures, or the mountain towns for beautiful and highly capable women who make any man regret having been married; girls from our town had a reputation of being plain, boyish and spoiled.

We grew up with parents who work all day just to put food on the table.  With little in the way of entertainment or toys, we ran on the street to kick a ball, climb a tree, catch a tadpole, or dragonfly or two.  We invented our own toys, we even beat the boys at their own sometimes.  We are proud of our tomboy characters, our sleek and athletic movements, and our generous spirits and easy friendships.

Our town has had her fair share of beatings, earthquakes, political unrest, we shook with her yet did not lose our collective nerves.   When we were hurt, lost or sad, we tuck our sorrows and wounds into her arms and move on with our heads held high.

We grew up, eventually and lose our tomboy outfits, army pants and short hairdo, and swapped in designer clothing and bags. Now no one will ever mistake our girlish identities.  Yet we gain a reputation for being spoiled, as we don't see ourselves as subordinates and we know and demand the best.

Nonetheless, I love and am proud to be the daughter of our town.

If you have guessed where is my home town here is a good article about the girls from there:

Notable Quote from the movie:  "I will see you soon, this side or the other."

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