Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Storms and Dreams of a White ... 望风梦雪

We had been hit by nothing short of glorious full on thunder storms and rains by the buckets lately.  While this is not common in sunny southern California, we are all the better and more thankful.  Plants have never been greener, and not at the expanse of a high water bill.  Our rolling hills of brown and mustard in past years turned completely green,  nothing shabby of the high country across the pond.  And isn't it wonderful for the first time in several years there were not even one "heightened alert for Santa Ana and fire hazard"?

When I was little, the roads had so many pot holes and little drainage, that whenever it rained, small ponds appear everywhere.  Dad and big brothers would teach us how to fold little paper boats and float them down these rain made "rivers and lakes".   We place colorful plastic toys inside sometimes to represent "sailors" or "captains", charging ahead in the boat with our dreams down the river of life.

Now, having grown out of the habit of playing with paper boats and rain water, we dream of fluffy snows brought on by the stormy weather pattern.  Maybe even a white Christmas.  OK maybe that is not realistic.  But if we drove to the mountains, which is 2-3 hours away, in December or even earlier, snow is sure to be abound in such a year as this.   We can then snowboard, ski or simply play in the white blanket of winter wonderland.

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