Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rain 雨

It rained overnight last night.  The drops drummed on roof tops, garden benches, fence posts,  and window panes without rest -- "pit-ah, pit-ah, ...".   The sound is familiar yet distant, as if created by fairy tale woodland creatures wearing floppy slippers, dancing and meandering slowly in our garden paths.

We woke to a world washed anew.  Our bird of paradise stood even talker and more distinct, I half expected a bright wing to take flight and shook of the drops right before our eyes!   Maples shook off half of its autumn palette to form a skirt around the roots.  Picking up a fiery brick colored sample, and you are rewarded with a bookmark in memory of this fragrant autumn day.  Rose buds compete with ladies' fully lipsticked pout, and it was an easy win with their added spark from beads of rain drops.  Mums offer friendly easy smiles in bunches, so much like laughter rolling with tears.

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