Monday, October 18, 2010

Pay it Forward

About a year ago I connected with someone at work to be her "mentor".  But it turned out she was quite capable and smart, leaving me flustered and confused:

what could I possibly mentor her about?

Luckily the program provided lots of guidance, one of which tells the "mentors" to simply ask the question above.  (It's the simple things I know.)

I was not able to help with whatever she needed in the end.  But with the hope that I had tried, and it was evident, she left the program feeling one more person was at her corner.

This Monday I got my answer.

She had generously helped someone else at my request, and when everyone gave me a hearty thumbs up of the connection,  I let out a long held breadth.

What can I say?  Except that pay it back is human, pay it forward is divine.

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