Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Table Leader 领班

All in red and a round apple she bites,
fruit of the spirit - patience, kindness and peace she brings.

A twinkle of compassion, a dash of understanding,
a winning formula of study sisters we are made.

Tears we shed, heartbreaks we found,
Should they define us?   Or like the evening wind they shall pass?

Giggle, wink,  and... sneeze!
Smile, laughter and a good time ring around us, 
Pour it into our hearts, spread it into the wind,  rich is this blessing of abundance!

1 comment:

  1. If only the fruits of the spirit could be acquired by injesting fruit itself... I'd still fall short :)

    I so enjoyed that night because everyone gave in to their inner-child. There is nothing worse than wanting to burst out with giggles and being met with placid faces looking at you.

    Instead we had smiles and giggles all around as we took home a new meaning to "I trup too"

    Yes these women all around me... no matter how stoic they come off have all THRUP TOO!!

    Thanks for sharing my heart is lighter remembering that night :)




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