Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ocean 海

We are so blessed to live in Southern California where it is full of sunshine, blue sky and the ocean.  I was feeling scared of the pending changes in my job and life, so I decided to sit by the ocean in the early evening and pour out my fears.

Somehow no matter how things change, the expanse of the ocean does not.  Even after sunset, the breadth of its reach took my breath away.  Some oppressive clouds hover just above the last remaining blush, painted over the sky by the setting sun.  Underneath is another silvery streak of clouds melting into the ocean, from pale to dark gray. 

If I could draw my heart or mind, it would look like that.  The light and hope is there, but some dark clouds hover just above.  Though I know it is a matter of time that they are pushed away, shattered by the rays of the faithful return of daylight.  I could not help feeling faint and weak at the sight of their leaden weight.

Evening hours arrived quietly when the last of the blushing hue disappeared in front of me.  But darkness did not envelop.  Instead, all around the sparkles of the blinking evening lights came about, even to as far as across from me at the other end of the ocean.  They appeared floating on water, strips of brightness, recalling the illuminations of the earlier hours,  piercing the depth of black curtain of the night, and holding onto a reminder of the hours to come when sunlight returns.

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