Monday, October 11, 2010

New Baby 妞

I had the privilege to visit Liz's new baby today.  Wow!

She is peaches and cream, wispy haired, pink frills adorned and wore her toothless grins with a world of pizazz.  Somehow she managed to bottle two spoonful of the color only seen in the Pacific west coast ocean for her eyes,  and sprinkled ample sparks on top too. 

She stares and then she squeals.  With a turn of her head, and a gentle kick of her heel, she announces an agility that may threaten a future athlete.   When I take her into my arms, she wrinkles a tiny nose the size of the nail cap on my index.   Lips curling, and eyes popping, she let out a wail.   Aw,  my heart tweaked and twitch,  stomach lurch, muscles tense, a frown and a sad face all rolled onto me.  What shall I do?  Please don't cry!

She calms and rests her transparent lids closed, letting a fan of auburn lashes create a shade cover for the top half of her face.   I noticed her equally delicate brows, and we sigh together.   Her breathing comes to a rhythm, and she limps relax into me.   We melt.

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