Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nature Walk 原生漫步

I took a walk in the botanical garden this weekend. This little oasis of trees, flowers, woodpeckers and waterfalls is tucked well within the city.  A walled garden presents a variety of herbs, sculptures and exotic fruits we could not name.  One tree is laden with green tennis ball sized fruit in deep green color, and the label said "pineapple guava".  It smelled of lemon, syrup, earth and rain.  Several friends couldn't resist their lush appeal, and found themselves a mouthful of sour juices, some squirting out to the sides.

We couldn't help but wanting to dance in the midst of a "concert on the lawn", conducted by a group of copper "musicians" wielding classical instruments.  They wore a concentrated and serious expression, yet their body seemed to move with the music flying off of their moss covered instruments.    The air was joyful and light, with speckled sunlight filtering through the banana and guava trees.  We look up to see ourselves sheltered in a hidden enclosure of greens, of delicious fragrance, and of dances and songs.

Out of this hide away garden, a waterfall in the midst of the park  told the story of tropical lushness.  The air is reminiscent of the island of Hawaii, warm, damp and smelled of decaying moss.   Everyone exclaimed at the sounds and sight of the fall, tumbling over black rocks in several tiers down to the pool, where lily and other mystery plants grew.  Flash lights blinded me temporarily until I stepped back to take in full view of the energetic flow of waters.  Stone steps along the waterfall allow you to explore the high reaching tropical growth on the sides, exotic orchids tucked here and there, an occasional chirp drew our eyes up, yet the singer was to be heard but not seen

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