Monday, October 25, 2010

Microwave Woes

This morning I decided to save the $5 for a coffee shop drink and heat up my own milk to make some mocha.  But I cannot find the blue mug which I usually use for this (I was told over the weekend that now that I am past a certain age, I've officially become one of those routine people, this maybe a proof of that point).
Whatever the reason, I somehow could not fathom using another mug, so I turned the kitchen upside down, through cupboards, sink, dish washer, oven (which I use to store a few things), refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and even the fruit baskets in the dinning room.  I poked around inside the bunny condo which is also nearby, as well as over and under the tables around the house, but alas, someone / something seemed to be playing a game with me, and I was not amused!

Time was ticking by and I had only a 30 minutes window to sit and enjoy my drink and maybe do a little reading.  I gave up after the search tornado had officially hit everything and turned them inside out or upside down.  I poured my milk into the white mug.  Then I opened the microwave to shove it in.  Voila!  The blue mug is stretched out on the circle platter with a smug slant.  I threw my hands over my head and suddenly remembered I had left the mug there earlier, but got distracted by the hussle and bustle of the morning.

By now you've probably concluded that I've lost more than my share of brain cells in the aging process.  Well maybe.  But somehow we all seem to have a knack for searching high and low for things that was right where it was supposed to be already.  Distractions,  false assumptions, over thinking, hopelessness, accustomed to failure etc. all seem to put us onto the fruitless path of search for seemingly elusive happiness, when it was sitting right under our nose.

I took a long sip on the mocha, rolled it over my tongue, swallowed, and let out a loud sigh at the sweet, warm and chocolaty buzz washing over me.

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