Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I not crying" 我不哭

A little girl from my awana cubbies (3 year old) group cried a river and a half the first few sessions.   She was inconsolable the first session and had to be picked up early.

The second session she decided I was not a monster and leaned on me sobbing quietly most of the night.  But when I went on teaching the rest of the group, she listened intently and started to follow the others towards the end.

Tonight she jumped into the class as soon as she saw me.  Though her eyes rimmed red at the sight of her mom leaving, she turned to watch my face (and my next move).  I walked over smiling broadly, and helped her wave mommy goodbye.  She cheered up and made a beeline for her favorite toys, puzzles.   Hearing some mumbling, I walked over closer to hear her say:

"I not crying, and that's that!"

I did not know to laugh or cry, but I asked for a high and low five, the favorite treat to these kids.  She cheerfully knocked my palms unconcious and rejoined the group.

Though volunteering to teach six 3-year-old kids bible verses had brought me to the verge of tears several times,  I could hardly look at her and commit to do any less than this brave little cubbie.

and that's that!

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