Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hereafter 今生他世

I saw a movie on Saturday night called "Hereafter".  Compared to "The Town", it was a snooze.  But I liked it.

It told the story of how people can be tortured by what is known or unknown alike.  The premise is life continues after death, yet a majority of us do not experience it first hand in our lifetime.   So it is in some serious "accident" that one acquires this experience, and it can be very painful, lonely and confusing.  Similarly when you are torn from loved ones due to death, it can leave you scarred and forever searching for that answer to your pain, not found in doctor's offices, common books or even the mighty Google.

What I liked was that unlike other movies, where each concept is visualized to the full extent, the stories are told from the perspectives of a few individual's eyes.  There were very little "all knowing, all seeing" camera angles or scenes where all is shown. (though ironically this was part of a repeating line in this movie).   An affair was shown from the perspective of the cheated as a few glaring evidences, and knowing looks from the man she confronted.  A spark between two people who met was demonstrated as an intense gaze.  The love of twin brothers are shown from their distinct personalities, one or two things they did for each other and friendly yet deprecating banters.  

I guess I've been learning the similar about good writing.  That is to "show" the clues and let the reader/audience draw their own conclusion rather than stating everything explicitly.  The movie "Hereafter" makes you think, draw your own conclusions, and is all the better for it.

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