Sunday, October 24, 2010

Garden Beauties 激情花

How does a flower grow, and into a name like "Passion" so full and well?
I am sure she weathered storms, like the ones we had last week.
Yet no tears remain on her crimson pedals, or emerald foliage.
Had she been in a greenhouse, she would have avoided any trauma.
No harsh winds, sudden temperature changes, or beatings from rain drops and hale.
But I see something distinct in her, rising above the dark and heavy storms.
She'd drank in the beating drops, only to plenish her upward reaching soul.
She'd stood against the bending winds,  catching and release friendly waves.
She'd bathed in the wilting sun, to gather the most brilliant blushing hue.
Nourished by trials as blessings from above, her vain flooded with peace, courage and strength.
Now her pedals open to the caressing sun, declaring a pure, open and thankful heart.


  1. Great thought and a great poem. Yes, unless the olive is crushed, the oil wouldn't ooze out. Without the rain and the stormy weather, the sturdiness of a tree cannot be judged. Likewise, the depth of our faith is determined by the grip of our foothold in the Rock we stand on. So, you've said it well through this poem of yours with great wisdom. Well done , my friend.

  2. I agree with Sulo. I do love reading your mind poured out in letters on a page!

  3. I deeply moved by the great thought and mind!
    If all of us like her what kind of world we would have ?
    No pain, no injury , strong and beutifull
    group injoy life!
    It sound like the haven!

  4. @Precious moments - as a fellow writer and group leader, your comments means a lot to me. Thanks for your reaffirmation - it brought more out of me than I realized. Always a pleasure...

    @Trish - you are so supportive, seeing your comment always brings joy in mind, I hope that will turn out more onto pages too...

    @Chenglie - Welcome and thanks for your lovely comment.




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