Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evening Clouds 秋夜风云

Sadly my little BB doesn't quite capture the texture of this lovely scene. Hence the little blurb below.
Driving home from an early afternoon soiree (yes whenever good friends get together - it's a party),  my eyes were once more drawn to the beauty of our early evening skies.  The sun had already fallen below the tree lines, but the sky remained bright and colorful like an old master's painting.

The background was a clear and almost transparent blue, with streaks of clouds stretched across and over the foreground.  They were the color of cotton candies pulled thin by a playful child, a blushing bride with colors peeking through gauzy veils,  masses of pink cherry blossoms floating across snow capped hilltops, and the pink insides of a white bunny's ears, surrounded by fluffy white volumes yet light as feather.

Everything below were turning dark and blurry quick, yet at every turn and every peek up above the sky, I see only a new variations of the brilliance leap into sight.   Orange, burnt, silver, cyan, blush, and occasionally bright lemon colors were slicing off the now deeper blue into banners and strips, giving the impression of a classical Monet or a traditional Navajo weave.  Perhaps this is a source of their inspirations?  

Stars and a full moon were rising to take on the night shift.  Yet the colors waved and followed me longingly on a slow and procrastinated retreat.   On my last turn,  gray and sapphire finally obscured nearly all the sunny colors, but a single streak.  Farewell.  See you tomorrow!  Rest assured that even if you wear a different shape and colored outfit by then,  I will still recognize your warmth, your light, and your ethereal and shining face.


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  2. I found this blog post on the "Favorites" column and I love it. Your eye for detail and artistic description are so admirable. :-) The photo works well to complement these breath-taking observations. And thank you for following my blog and commenting. Nice to meet you!




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