Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Doctor Mom 小常今

My bunny fell sick today.  She sat quietly in her box, unmoving,  eyes closed.  Oh oh, my heart made a flip.  She is not going through that digestion shutdown ordeal again.

A few months ago, bunbun had a day where she would not eat anything, even her favorite treats like fresh carrots or apples.  Eventually she took nips of broken pieces of a granola bar, and that took her off of the hunger strike.  I then read that bunnies can sometimes go through this digestion shutdown, and if not corrected, they could die within 24-48 hours.

The second time this happened, bunbun couldn't eat the granola even though she instinctively raised her head and sniffed the air nearby.  She had been sitting in the same spot all day and evidence of that were on the floor under her.  Failing to reach the vet when we discovered her like that, we ran to the market and bought fresh vegetables like kale and parsley.  She pushed all offers of food away harshly, wincing and not even sniffing.  It was thanks to a left over syringe full of pain medicine from her vet that saved the day.  She was back on her feet and chewing nonstop again 10 minutes after getting the syringe.  Fearing I've created an addict bun, I was relived to see her much more interested in hay and vegetables than the syringe immediately after recovery.

Tonight, it was again too late for the vet.  I searched the frig, and realized we've used the last syringe.  Holding bunbun close, I heard a strange growling in her stomach, like a bag of liquid being moved.  Seems like she has a very empty stomach full of water.  Again, she refused our offers of freshest veggies rushed back from two different markets (first one ran out of kale).  Scratching my head, I again searched the frig.

Hmm, a can of ginger ale popped into my eye.  Wasn't ginger supposed to be soothing for the stomach?  Last month when dad was sick from medications, a little bit of this had stopped the vomiting quickly.  Without further debating, I filled half the medicine tube with ginger ale, and carefully lifted bunbun to place just a dripping drop next to her mouth.  She liked the sweet taste, and licked it up hungrily with her tongue.  Not wanting to fill her up with soda and chemical, I only allowed the liquid to be licked up drop by drop, watching and waiting for signs of recovery.

Ten minutes later, bunbun still sat quietly, though moving her head once a while in search of us.  She sniffed but sat unmoving.  I was getting anxious.  What else could I give her?  I heard her stomach growl once more.  Just then, Tim was looking for a snack and opened a tiny tub of apple sauce.  I thought, hm, bunbun did like apples, a completely healthy diet at small doses. It would be a bit of solid food to get her stomach going again.   It was perfect.  The apple sauce was at a consistency that mixed well with ginger ale so I could get it into the syringe.  I pushed it drops by drops into bunbun's eager tummy, and waited.

Another ten minutes passed, we injected some more apple sauce.  In total this amounts to less than 1/2 teaspoolful, yet bunbun looked much better.  I no longer heard growling tummies.  And it is bedtime for Tim.

Coming downstairs after tugging him in, I heard the sweet sound of vegetables crunching between bunny teeth.  Yes!  Sure enough, she was chewing her parsely and kale, even some Timothy hay. She jumped out of the box happily and moved around to find the best angle to munch on the treats.  Scanning the floor of her "condo", I see pieces of a kashi bar, dandeline leafs, flowering kale leafs, parsely, carrots, and a piece of orange peel, I laughed so hard I cried.

It was a blessed night.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your bunny story. Have fun with her/him.




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