Sunday, October 3, 2010

Discovery Road 发现之路

I dread my weekly drive to I-15 north, in and through the middle of nowhere.  I was often bored and depressed on this drive, having nothing better to do than dwelling on all the problems in my life.

Today is the first time I am driving on this road looking for blessings, and I found many.  Blue skies, majestic mountains, languid clouds, well paved and safe roads, polite (yes!) drivers.  I never realized how gorgeous this road is, until I looked up from myself, all the way into the most expansive canvas there was,  and discovered all the beauty beneath.


  1. I remember this drive and drives like it all too well. Seeing "Avocado Hwy" sign always makes me laugh.

    I like your change in perspective because it's so easy to fall into those dark corners in our own minds/hearts.

    I'll pop on some praise music and feel myself begin to lift out of that dark corner and see beauty all around me.

    I have a few "routines of depression" and I like your idea of reprogramming them :)

  2. Ah - I need some of them songs you got! :)




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